We are a Mexican information technology company with 10 years serving national and international companies.

Our team consists of more than 110 collaborators specialized in different areas such as: data analytics, computing, design, UX / UI, data development and architecture, financial and statistical models; who understand the importance of delivering relevant solutions that maximize the productivity and profitability of our customers.


Tibs’ organizational culture guides the team's actions. Culture is marked by a high entrepreneurial spirit, innovative, customer focus, and the willingness to take on new challenges with ethics and responsibility; as well as a passionate commitment to oneself, colleagues, company, customers, and community; and aversion to everything that feels bureaucratic.


For us customers are very important, the added value we offer them, apart from quality products and services, is that we seek to create lasting ties and relationships, based on professional advice, expertise, trust, ethics, teamwork and empathy.